Hey I have a crybaby and its awful! I would like a more metal wah sound like zakk wylde uses, anybody know which it is? Also what is the effect thats used in the solo of Her Portrait In Black by ****ty Atreyu? I've heard other bands use it it's just this was the only one I could remember!
what amp and guitar do you have?

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Well Zakk wylde Uses a Crybaby, But
1. theres no telling what hes done to that thing
2. he Keeps the pedal positioned halfway between open and closed most of the time instead of rocking it back and forth.
ive heard morley pedals are good. and ive never heard the artreyu song so i cant help u there
Well I have a Gordon-Smith GS 1.6 with a humbucker and single coil (the best guitar I've ever played, including gibsons and high end JEMs) and a ****ty MG50DFX. Im hoping to get a tsl soon though, but right now I use my MD-2 pedal to get a decent distortion.
I thought it might be. My octave pedal sounds kinda similar. Does zakk not have a signature wah?
Yes Zakk has a Signature Crybaby it doesnt sound all that different from any other crybaby. but like i said theres no telling what hes done to his
ha. Well what wahs do other harder rocking people use? Like Slayer for example? I saw them a couple of years ago in Manchester and they sounded pretty awesome with their wah
^Vox? I wouldn't have thought so.
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well i would upgrade your amp before getting any distortion pedals, and the zakk wha is pretty damn good...and the only modification i know of that zakk does is taking the rubber toe ****s off, which supposedly increases treble response
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oooh that wylde wah looks awesome! I'm planning on upgrading my amp as soon as I get the money. Like I said, i'm looking at a TSL with a 1960A cab, but on the other end of things I might get an Engl Screamer if i get a decent test on one.
well i'm assuming all the extra price is for the camo look then?
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