SO recently when I got my Epiphone Explorer, i decided to mess around with my Ibanez and whatever happens happens (I'm not bothered about it breaking, depending on how it breaks i would make something of it) so i bought some Ernie Ball 'Not Even Slinky' strings, took off the old regular slinkies and changed them (quite a big difference in size)

A month or so later
I've had no intonation problems (well, its slightly out but it was as bad before)
I've had no truss rod trouble
The floating bridge (which used to be a pain in the arse) is perfectly positioned (before i put the strings on i screwed it fully in and the strings have pulled it just off the body, factory setup height almost perfectly)
It plays better than before and can withstand tuning changes much better (from C to A and everywhere inbetween haha)

So am I lucky?
Should'nt something have snapped by now?
Or did I by chance find the perfect setup for the new strings?

It's odd
I expected it to self destruct
nah. my ibanez held up alright. how big are not even slinkies? coz i went from regulars to DR titewinds 11-50's and had no trouble.
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these are .12 i think
they might be .13 but i can't remember

i know the low E is .56

*does some research*

They are
Quite lucky.

It'll probably eat you soon or something...
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Anyone know any decent mussles?

(And the reason I am shocked is it is a beginner guitar, much lower quality than most ibanezes [but it did its job well])
Not even slinky as in bigger than 10's...

I thought you meant Super Slinkys. Those are 9's.