it's called secrets at the moment, but i don't think the title fits the song, happy with any title suggestions or general crit

Since the day I first saw her
I never knew how to deal
With these burning emotions
That scorch my soul
I just can?t find the words
To tell her how I feel
To say three simple words
My heart, she has stole
She just don?t understand
Can?t comprehend
How special she is to me
She hides behind a mask
Hides her inner self
Won?t let no-one see
Every time I get near her
My heart, it skips a beat
When we look eye to eye
There?s no sign she knows
What it is she means to me
Without her, I?m incomplete
But never will I be more
Than someone that says hello
All these thoughts of her
That float in my mind
Every word she?s ever said
I remember every little bit
It all means so much
But it still is so confined
I?m just so scared
To admit?
When I finally find the guts
To reveal my inner self
Let her know what I think
And ask if she?ll always be mine
But part of me doesn?t wanna ask
I don?t know wanna be by myself
Couldn?t handle rejection
Just waitin? for a sign
Chorus x2
great piece dude. This has really got some potential it just needs to have some loose ends tied up. some of the wording i really am not to fond of example: "When I finally find the guts" it just doesn't sit right. But after you clean it up it could be an outstanding piece. 8/10

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I think the title is fine, but if YOU think that it doesn't fit then change it. Overall I think this is pretty good. Nice rhyming. Very effective in explaining your ideas. Ironic how you're telling us the "secret." Good job and if you want, feel free to bash or crit mine. I have three to choose in the forum.