My brother asked for a combo / stack amp for his graduation.. My parents were needing to know what kind of amp he needs.. and asked me to get on here and ask.

Bands he listens to / plays :

Haste the Day
As I Lay Dying
Killswitch Engage
Bullet for My Valentine

Mainly metal.. They said try and keep it under the 600 dollar range as well.. We have no idea about amps or guitars so any help would be appreciated.
Get a combo. If y'all know nothing about guitars, then a combo is more than enough.
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Used Peavey 5150?

Traynor YCV50?

Randall RG of some type?

Get combos, there aren't really any good stacks in that range.
Ya combos will be your best best. Check out the 5150 or 6505 like Danno said. They are great for metal. They go about $5-600 used on eBay. Check craigslist too.