Hello. I am looking to buy a new guitar. I have been playing now for about 6 months. My guitar that I have now is an Epiphone from some sort of begginers box that I bought at the local Music Store for 120$. It has been a good guitar, but I'm looking for a little more. I am 14 and make an honest wage, say around 110 a week, So I really couldn't afford to buy the 2 thousand Gibson Les Paul that I want, but i'll definatly seetle for less. So what would y'all say would be the best guitar I could get for...say 500$. But if I don't even need a new guitar, and the Epiphone I have now is OK, than don't be afraid to tell me.

I have a pretty nice fender amp that I bought about 3 months ago for 250$. And I mostly play Classic Rock, Metal and a little Jazz
I'll tell you what I suggest to everyone else:

Ibanez RG560.

The S/S/H pickup config makes it unbelievably versatile, and coupled with the wizard neck, a great, great guitar.
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I was looking at buying a Ibanez, I'll definatly check out the RG560, also I was wondering if the Epiphone Les Paul was worth the 360$ that it cost?