hi guys,
i want to start building my own pedalboard for approx. 5 pedals. I read a number of threads about the power supply, where everybody said to simply get a single 9V brick and add a 5-pc. daisy chain. I already have the brick, bt since I like soldering a lot and have tons of power jacks around here I want to build my own daisy chain. That way I can control the length of the cords, too.
So I was wondering how these daisy chain adapters are wired? Are they series or parallel? According to my basic knowledge they should be parallel, since in series the voltage would be different for every pedal. If anybody has a small schematic or any kind of advice, please help

thx ppl
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They're in parallel. I think you know how it works
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I'd say it'd just be like a single power cord, with several other jacks attacehd in parallel. Make sure your psu can handle the extra current draw, tho, and make sure you use the right polarity for each pedal
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