Okay, i have a question about making solos. Im currently trying to make a solo for the song pennyroyal tea by nirvana. What i cant figure out, is what backing track i should use for the solo? How does that usually work? The rythm part of the solo i mean? Do i just use the same as the chorus, or do i use the verse? Or do i make the solo first as i see fit, and make a special backing track for the solo myself from scratch? Thanks.
Buh? I don't understand. You're layering your own solo over a nirvana song and you don't know which backing track to use??? Shouldn't you use the backing track for THAT song?
I want to make a solo for the song yeah. What im asking, is if i should layer the solo over the chorus, the verse or both? Or should i create a brige of sorts and layer the solo over that? Or should i make the solo and layer a solo backing track under the solo once its done?
okay thanks edg. You dont know how much you've relieved me Always when i've tried making solos for my own songs before, i've been baffled at the solos because of the whole backing track thing THanks a lot everyone who replied

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Like the other guy said....Play whatever Nirvana played in the original song.
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Find out if he plays the same chords under the solo like he does in the chorus.

If he does, record it over the chorus.
Actually, there is no solo for pennyroyal tea I dont like making solo's where there already is one coz the solo which is already there influence me to such a degree, that when the solo's done, its just another variation of the original solo. Thats why i wanted to know about that stuff
It's a good thing to write your own solos/themes over already existing songs.

You shouldn't stop doing that.
Im not gonna stop that. I just don't want to create whole backing tracks for those solos on my own. Frankly, its too mcuh work.