Alright, its been ages since i've been in here, so i hope someone will remember me and take pity on this song - it's basically what i did for my AS level practical, its a bit of fun, a kinda shred-parody.

Enough waffle. More harmonised solos.


"The Shrade!" - top of the list, G.

Crit as you will.
no offence
but is that even called a tone?
it sounds disgusting

nice playing

(sorry, i actually cant listen all the way through because of the tone)
um sorry but the tone is weak and almost non-existenet, and yes some of the playing is very good, but it is random **** widdling to be fair.
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sorry fp, but yeah id have to agree about the tone and a lot of the harmony.

The first little melody made me cringe, the harmonies on it at least, or whatever.

After that it got better, with the slow part, then worse with those... bends..

you're chops have improved a lot though. ends wierd though.

judging from the other crits, you just cannot get anything right, can you?

anyways, if you wouldnt mind checking mine out too.
Ah the joy, another FP recording.

Well, it's no wear near as experimental as your other tracks. That's pity if you ask me, that's what made you so cool

Like I've already said, this isn't the FP I know, standard rhythm licks? Oh no, I just called you standard. You better write some new interesthing/experimental stuff again bro

Leave a message at my Jazz thingy as well.


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proffesional quality, bad tone. Which is worse for me cause I thought I could hear some of my own tone in there
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lol, bad tone (somewhat similar to mine) and the harmonization was pretty off in parts. Some parts sounded pretty good, whereas some other parts sounded random and off-key... Basically, this is my kind of recording kind of like it was thrown together in like 10 mins.
Ah come on given the quality of the recording his tone isnt all that bad. Sounds like your going for a van halen kinda sound IMO. Uhm some of it is ok, nothing that blew my skirt up all that much. Your other new song is good though