i Dont know much about amps and i need to know why tube amps are better and more expensive!
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They're called solid state, not hard state... lol

Tube amps sound a lot better, that's the main reason why, they use vacuum tubes(valves) which break up when the volume is turned up, giving a natural overdriven sound, instead of whatever solid states use, and they cost a lot more to produce than solid state amps.

Use the search function too, and try them out for yourself and see why.
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Quote by redtide
i Dont know much about amps and i need to know why tube amps are better and more expensive!

they are better because they sound better. When you overdrive a tube, it clips off the top of the signal. In solid state amps this clipping is very abrubt and sounds very bad (try cranking a solid state amp to 10), however with tubes the tops clip off gradually so you get a much rounder sort of signal (which sounds more musical to us guitarists). Its also got something to do with odd and even harmonics.

they are expensive because vacuum tubes are basically old almost forgotten technology in most other fields. One tube costs $10 while a power transistor can cost $1. And besides that you also need things like larger power and output transfromers for tube amps too work.
That and tubes amps are aimed at the higher end of the market (just how automanufacturers have 3 cylinder Suzuki Swifts one one end of the marker and that 16 cylinder Bugatti on the other end of it, even if the engines both work on the same general principle of internal combustion get you from point A to point B).
this is quite an interesting article, they conduct an experimentduring which, every tube amp is mistaken for a solid state and every solid state was mistaken for a tube.


read it, its interesting