Poll: Would you buy a personalized guitar?
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Ya thats sweet
22 73%
no im fine
8 27%
Voters: 30.
I am currently building a guitar and i am wondering how many people would be interested in a personal, customized guitar.
PM me some specs and I may just be
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If the design will be mine, including pups and frets and all thay ****, I will buy if I have the money.
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Im just wondering if you would im not going to (actually i might) but say it would be to all your specification and you rdesign
I wouldn't.

Not over internet, no official site etc.

Can't guarantee myself that I actually get it, and that everything is for the quality what I've paid for it.
I'm already building my own custom guitar. It's pretty good fun and at the end of it it should be pretty sweet.
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are you just putting parts together, hotrodding existing guitars, or acutally doing some luthier work? problem is, unless you can offer the guitar and parts to a customer at a lower cost that they can get (which id hard) you wont have a niche to get in, so you would either not make money, or you could lose money

just something to think about
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Well... the next guitar that I'm buying is a Carvin, so "Yes" - I would buy a personalized guitar .
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