i can get these both for the same price, the 122 is used, and i know the 122 is more powerful but was wondering if anyone has used either and has an opinion on them.

btw the TSL601 is the blue limited edition one that sound control are bumming off at the moment.

also cos im lookin for an amp with good blues/rock tones to go well with my strat for clean rhythm work or lead stuff, if anyone has any good recommendations for something else which would work. my ceiling is about ₤650 which is $1,217.34.
I'd go 601...

If you like a nice blues / rock Overdrive you'll wanna push the amps clean or crunch channel...and obviously with less wattage you can push the amp harder more easily...if you get what i mean.

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i heard that tsl combos are unreliable. however i have nothing concrete on them.
i own the tsl 60 and can tell you it is absolutely killer.
U heard wrong, i hate it when one guy says "My TSL broke down" everyone then jumps on the band wagon saying i heard TSLs are unreliable. Stfu. Mines fine and working great.

TSL 602 is what i have.

Id get the 60 watt. 100 watts tube is overkill, and the 601 will break up nicer.