ok so we all hav our favorite pedals but have ye tried different combinations of them?
e.g. 2 delays set to slightly different speeds?

one of my favs is Boss BF-2 flanger set to a fast rate with a PH-3 phaser set to slow rate

or wah and boss HR-2

what have ye tried and what sounds cool?
Guitar > Phaser > Delay > Amp

You get some pretty cool noises with that.
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ibanez de-7 delay and any pedal ever haha. you can do soo many different things with this pedal i just love it
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i love chorus and delay together, though wah and flanger sounds pretty cool yet weird
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but how bout combining pedals in a wierd way?

we've all put delay and chorus together but has anyone tried trem set to choppy with slow phase etc?