how do i make solos from simple chords???
i can't understand scales...
anyone please help!!!
hey man

i live in africa so everything i learn i learn from the internet.
so i may not be the best dude to advise you.

if u know the major scale all over the fretboard it's very easy to solo with simple chords. ex. say the chord progression is C-G-C-F-C in the key of C major. then all u have to do is get the C major scale and solo using only the notes in the C major scale.

you'll never hit a wrong note if you play the notes in the C Major scale with a song that is in the key of Cmajor

hope this helps

u can get the pattern for the major scale here


the blue dots are the root notes.
PM if u still dont get it.
there's many things you can do...

adding on to what jacoinmalawi said, you can use the C major scale. Or you can use arpeggios. for example, the C major arpeggio would be C-E-G. An arpeggio is basically a broken down chord. Also, the arpeggio for G Major would be G-B-D, and for F major would be F-A-C.
Try connecting the arpeggios by playing something like (all eigth notes)
C-E-G-B-D-C. (This actually makes a C9 chord)
Here, I connected the C major and G major arpeggio in one line.
Also, you can use the A minor penatonic scale. Since A minor is the relative minor of C major, there's all the same notes, but there is a different feel to the scale. It might sound cool to play minor over major chords.

here's a lesson on penatonic minor

here's a lesson on arpeggios
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