Hey guys
this thread is gonna rock.

You have to post your idea of the best Amp & Guitar rig that you can think of


and whatever pedals/differnt tubes/cables u want

the only real rule is that there is NO RULES

you may now rock on
i think a lot of people will say 'well i'm quite happy with the gear i have now' and thats what i'm about to say.

i'm happy with my gear now. i gig regularly and its great for what i do:

Strat (soon to be re-painted and be given a set of swineshead pyro/spotlight/spotlight pickups)
ESP LTD Viper 300
Electro Acoustic

Boss TU-2
Boss DD-3
Boss CH-1
Ibanez Tubescreamer
Behringer EQ-700 (soon to be replaced with a Boss GE-7)
Crybaby Wah

JCM 900 2x12
Custom made bass amp (occasionally run in stereo with JCM)

Samson Wireless
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you can get that toneblaster stack at the cost of your dignity.

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No offence mate, but we already have something like 100.000 of these threads already.

sorry man i didnt know, thought it might be cool.
every one fuks up now and then eh.
think i should keep it hear or kill it ?
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Rig 1: (Blues/Clean)
Guitar- Fender Stratocaster
-Double Cream Bound
-Cherry Burst
Amp Left- Fender Tweed 4x10
Amp Right- Vox AC30TB
Effects- Tubescreamer, Blues Driver, and Vox Clyde McCoy Wah

Rig 2: (Classic Rock/Metal)
Guitar- Gibson Les Paul Supreme
-Desert Burst
Amp Left- Marshall JCM800
Amp Right- Peavey 5150
Effects- Mesa Boogie Preamp pedal, Hughes and Kettner Preamp pedal
well i cud go into alot but the best i have ever played personally is what i played while skipping skool today....this is for blues by the way

fender 50th anniversary strat
1973 fender twin (silverface)

ohh damn it sounded sooo good i died on the spot
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Strat (soon to be re-painted and be given a set of swineshead pyro/spotlight/spotlight pickups)

Hey man, if you see this, tell me how that sounds eh, im curious, I hear nothing about Swineshead's single coils.