1. How do I get more feedback and what are some secrets to controlling the pitch of it?

2. For anyone that uses powertab software - how do you replicate the jazz guitar sound on a real guitar?

For everyone else - how do you replicate the sound of a muted clean guitar suitable for jazz?

My gear includes an SG style guitar with two humbuckers ( covered ) and a Zoom Multi-Effects that can boost my distrotion and gain if needed. I'm also using a small amp right now and can't really experiemnt with extrememlt high levels of volume most of the time.
1. Turn up the volume, turn up the gain, experiment in different positions around the amp.
To control it its mainly a matter of muting unwanted strings and moving to the right position for a specific note.

2. Chances are you might get something similiar with the neck pickup with the tone control rolled down a bit into a clean amp