Hi, I was thinking about getting the Line6 Toneport Ux2 But is USB connection really fast enough? You don't need Firewire? Another question.. I've got wavelab 4.0 (yeah.. old one) for recording, but because it's not the official version I didn't discover yet how you can record and playback at the same time? Does anyone know this? When you connect the Ux2 to your recording program, you just got to select the device as if it was an audiocard? And does anyone know if Final Cut HD (on mac OS X) communicates with an external breakout box (the Ux2) through USB? What other good/or better recording devices are there? Maybe one with a multichannel function? (not that I really need that but I was just wondering) And how do you assign gearbox to wavelab or cubase?? tnx guys
I have a toneport, it is fast enough, definutly USB 2.0 then it actually works out faster than Firewire believe it or not, but if your pc is older maybe it wont have that, but still i can pretty much guarantee it will be fast enough, i dont have USB 2.0 and it works fine for me! You can listen to yourself using the Toneport, just play through your pc speakers, it wont sound great but its there. i dont have that program but im sure that through the Line 6 software you can listen as you play.
i find the best way to record is to close mic your amp. at least that way you can have exactly the same tone as your amp and all you need to buy a mic and a stand for it
not really.. the best way is to use direct recording from your amp into your soundcard.. using cable and jack.. by this way.. other unwanted noise can be eliminated..
^ actually micing the amp will give you a better sound. and if you do things right, you should have very little to no unwanted noise in your final recording. while going DI works, and works pretty well at times, the tone can be sterile and you miss half the effect of you amp by using the amps line out.

threadstarter, i would say USB can be as fast as firewire at times, but you are more likely to get latency. it depends on your computer and everything else of course, but USB is more prone to that type of problem. now, for something that only has one or two inputs, you should be ok with USB. i know that people get good results from the Ux2 and many people like it, so it should work fine. as for selecting it, you should just have to make sure that in the program it is selected as the default recording device, then it should work from there.
Theyre both equally good, the toneport will link your guitar and computer and you can record great stuff for $130 but if you can afford a nice amp and a nice mic then to mic your amp would be good but it generally costs a load more and the potential gain unless your studio recording really isnt worth it.
^ the toneport has a mic input doesnt it? so you can use it to mic your amp, unless im mistaken. the cost isnt a load more, its just the toneport plus a mic. a decent mic can be had for under a hundred bucks, and much under if you arent looking for super high quality. and the potiential gain, is worth it IMO. i compare the quality of my DI recordings to the ones where i mic my amp, and the difference in quality is definatly noticable.
Yeah you can mic your amp up through the toneport, but i have tried it and i am telling you that you WILL get better quality recordings just going straight through the toneport guitar input into Gearbox. You can mic your amp up if you want to but you have to fork out $80 on an sm57 or something, personally i dont think its worth it when the recording with the guitar straight in is so good. You can do vocals through the mic input yeah and they will be great if you have a good mic but i think guitar straight into the toneport is the way to go!