all of them are +/- 18 years old

emg - 85
emg - annonymous single coil (no markings or any type of id)
dimarzio - superdistortion (don't know if its neck or bridge. how do i tell?)
dimarzio - superdistortion (the coil threads are frayed. does this mean its cooked?)
seymore duncan - hotrails (the original)
seymore duncan - annonymous double-coil

my guitar is a home-made, strat-style with a double-coil cavity in the bridge and a single coil cavity in the neck. my amp will be a boogie 50 cal. What would be the best combo for metal? i can route out a double-coil cavity for the neck position if needed, and i could probably spring for another emg to go with my 85. but i'd need suggestions for model.
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81 would go with 85, but i wouldnt go to the trouble of routing the neck PU. hmmm

might sound funny but you could go superdistortion in bridge and emg single in neck?

edit : ohh, i dont think you can mix emg with other pickups, use the emg single in the neck and get an EMG-81 for bridge
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you can have any kind of pickups in any position. you just arent garenteed if it will sound any good. eaither not enough gain or too much.

as for the emg and other pick ups it can work. i wouldnt try blending an emg with say the original hot rails. it wouldnt sound to good.

I would use the Seymour Duncans.