up for review huh? like i said before.. its nice.. just polish it a little bit and work on the tempo.. but great idea! i really2 like it..
Very cool. I really like the whole feel of it. I don't know what you'll think of me saying this, but it reminded me of the mirror ship in that one episode of DBZ. *lol* I dunno.

Great job. I do think that you could have picked up the dynamics a bit. It was all low and quiet, which was great for awhile, but changing dynamics is really important.
Banana Pancakes are Better Together.
The opening wavers between atmospheric and just kind of boring. After that it has a nice like little melody, you hit some bad notes though.

Is that a fretless?

You seem to need to learn more theory, or something, this goes all over the place, i couldnt even tell if it has a direct key. Very dissonant for a lot of it, dunno if thats what you were going for.

Overall it was alright, but i really wasnt too into it, it was just way too dissonant for me.
But still, thats just me, good work.
Crit for crit?