Has anybody here ever used 2 wah pedals at once?
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Has anybody here ever used 2 wah pedals at once?

would u be able to balance on 2 pedals at once?
Uh... You'd need three feet for that, wouldn't you? Unless you like, stood on both and tried to balance...
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No, but Stevie Ray Vaughan has.


One of Stevie's album experiments was to chain the two Tube Screamers, giving a hugely loud and distorted tone. He later used the Fuzz Faces to do this sort of thing. Another experiment was to connect two wahs inline, but rock the pedals in opposite directions. This was first heard on "Say What!". The pedals would cancel some frequencies and enhance others, giving a wild phased type of tone. Every so often he would kick-in a Univibe or Octavia to get a richer, doubled sort of tone.
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you could prob sit on a chair and do it?? but i think the answer to your question is no.
You could place a plank of wood over them, so you control both of them at once (the bassist from Rage Against the Machine/Audioslave does this)

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Uh... You'd need three feet for that, wouldn't you? Unless you like, stood on both and tried to balance...

at the end of the Steve Vai - Live At Astoria DVD he's standing on both his wah and his Digitech whammy pedal at once and falling back (having the rest of his band catch him and push him back up)

I remember I once read something about having 2 wahs together and having the sweeps move in opposite directions you canget and even more vowel like sound? I'm not entirely sure, I'll have to try it some day
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I've done it before, I wasn't very good at it, hard to balance doing it too.
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i've done it - i had one in the 1/2 open sort of position and controlled one with my foot. infact in my set-up for gigs i use 2 wahs, generally for if 1 fails me, though occasionaly i have them both on at the same time. though its fun opening one whilst closing the other then repeating but the opposite way round - you get some weird sounds, especially when you do what i did which was put a flanger, delay and OD between the 2 wahs!
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what you could do is get two wahs with controllable sweeps. and set them opposite, and then use the piece of wood over both of them to control it.
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Just stick a piece of wood over the treadle, and then switch the outer wires on one of the wah pots to get that cancellation effect.
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i have done this with two wahs, stack them!
a bit of gaffer tape to hold them together, and some practise,
after a few minutes i was able to manipulate them quite easily, top wah comes from the ankle, while the bottom one is more from the knee,
not perfect but it works!