with a dremel because it will melt through not actually cut so cracks wont have a chance to form. only thing is that if you do dremel it you're going to have a lot of sanding to do to get the plastic melted things off the edge.
well it is plastic so you cuold get away with a hacksaw as long as you use a fine blade. a jigsaw would also work as long as the blade is fine like a metal cutting blade. but i would definately recomend a dremel if you do alot of diy projects it will come in handy. if you have a bandsaw it will work, but make sure your very carefull (dont cut off your fingers).
when i had to cut mine i just used a stanly knife-worked fine for me
Scroll saws make light work of sheet plastics. They tend to cut the plastic, but then melt it back together ever so slightly, but it's easy to seperate.
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If you find it melts back together use some masking tape over were your cutting stops the friction wich causes melting