well i have always used a multi-effect but i just purchased a marshall jackhammer and i love it, but when i switch back to clean u can barely hear it and when i turn the volume on the pedal down it sounds lik ****, please how can i get my clean and distortion at the same volume and still sound great
what kind of guitar do you have?

If you have multiple volumes, then set the volume for the one in the neck to 10 for the cleans and set it lower, to like 6, in the bridge and switch between pickups when you use dist.
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I've thought about this a bit more. You could:

a.) Get a volume pedal.

b.) Turn up the distortion and turn down the volume (on the pedal)
oh well, get a really expencive pice of random gear that should satisfy all the other fourm members at least
Easy, turn the pedal's level/volume down until it matches the clean volume.
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