i play at my churchs youth group with a couple of guys, and we play the youth group song service. i have an amp that will get the crap beat out of it if i haul it from my house to church back and forth every wednesday, so im gonna take a tiny bass amp (i play the electric, not bass) that i got from my cousin for free to practice. we play with some distortion at youth group, so i need distortion, but only my normal amp has it. if i bought a distortion pedal, would it work for the bass amp and give distortion to my electric guitar? also, if almost every amp comes with distortion built into it, what are distortion pedals for? thanks for listening to my story and for the help.
because the distortion in most pedals will be better than the distortion you get from a small practise amp, plus it gives you the freedom to swtich tones during a song, rather than pressing the channel switch button on your little amp, unless you amp has decent distortion then you get a footswitch for it. But yea a disortion pedal should sound ok through your bass amp.