Another song, i ain't too sure if some parts work, but any crit is welcome

What can you do when you?ll never be more than friends
Everything you say she always misunderstands
When you say you love her, she takes it as a joke
All you want to do is to take her by the hands

So why won?t she be yours
And come through those open doors
Your heart is empty
You?re searching for love
Until you get her, life won?t be enough
Oh, so why won?t she be yours
Why, why won?t she be yours?

All that you do, she always takes the wrong way
Everything you do to make her life better, she doesn?t see
She leaves you standing alone all the time
Can?t comprehend your every single plea


She meddles with your thoughts
Whatever happens, you can?t control your mind
You picture her in your head constantly
Just because you think her so kind


I just need your touch
I just want you to see me
To heal my heart of pain
I just need your touch
I just want you to see me
Please, to keep me sane

Will she save you? (Will you save me?)
And cure you from this eternal sorrow
Does she listen? (Darling, listen to me)
Will you be together with her tomorrow?

I think its great. It all works - i particularly like the ending where there is a line then a background reply. COOL!