Alright guys my band has played for about a half a year together we got 7 originals and are going to record 4-5 of them tomorrow at our first demo session. We are tight as a band , and have done 6-7 gigs with some VERY good responses. We booked 10 hours what do you guys think? Anything I should know before I head in tomorrow guitar wise and anything else that would be good?
id advise you to change your strings and if your usin your own amps have all the tone controls set cuase ten hours goes really quick ina studio and oh also dont get drunk/high cuase studios dont like it and generally you sound crapper like that but thats about it good luck with tommorow
^ Yea I got a crap ass MG so I wont be taking it thank god the studio has some guitars Im going to be using a LP for most of my tracks along a JCM 800 , but they have a fender and a crate so I might use a lil' of each on some different tracks. Thanks man tomorrow night I'll post the results up lol and we can say how well it all went!
Make sure you're prepared, have a good night's sleep and you bring a pack of spare strings.

And... Don't waste any time... Set plans for what to record, in what order, etc... Because doing all of that in the studio is going to cost you valuable time.
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^ Yea we are tackling the hardest song first down to the easiest ( in our terms anyways ). We have got everything planned out for the most part like you all have said , just hope we dont stiff up in the studio!!! So I think we got it mostly down , can't wait! THANKS FOR THE ADVICE!
First band that actually fit my taste, good job.
I'd rather have a good band and a "not so good" recording
than being able to hear note for note how crappy the bands songs are.

good job
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Woah dude thanks alot , you have NO idea how much that makes me want to work harder and push every second in that studio!!! Yea we've been living off our live shows for awhile but we need a solid recording to get some real attention lol. Thanks alot for the comments man , I'll make sure to get you the demo tracks when they are up! All we wanna do is make sure rock n roll is kept alive!