Heard of them? I think they're really good, have a listen, give an opinion.

go go go!

Personal fave : Everything I Once Had
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finally! someone else who has heard of this band!

I love them too.
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There's a band called tool?

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People still watch MTV?
i really like bridge the tunnel thats one of my favorite songs at the moment...

i think they're a cool band
I love Snow Day. It's reeeeaaaal good. Kinda cool, because i put it on my iPod the day before it snowed out here. I swear I'm psychic, i know who's calling before I pick up the phone (ok, that happened once, and my dad did say he was going to call, but it's still psychic).
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You are the man.
I love them, they have a panda on their cd cover =D

my favorite band. i have anything else but the truth and scream & light up the sky. its ashame they're so unknown, but then again id rather have them like they are then have them sell out.