any recomendations on how to write a song using triplets?
and when writing a lick, whats the best method for doing so without having it sounds as though ur just playing a scale?
Find a song with triplets, or play them to a metronome. All triplets are is just another rhythmic grouping. Get a feel for them first then you will be able to apply them to your song writing
Check out Metallica's Battery.
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A common classical technique is to write in straight notes (quarter, eight, 16th, whatever), then slow them later with triplets. Let's say we start the main lick of the song with six descending 8th notes. Later in the piece, as a "slowing ending", take the first of each couple of those six notes, (1st, 3rd, 5th). Double their value (make them quarter notes), and triplet them. You get a "slowed down" feel of those notes. This can give a minor lick a very slow, beautiful feeling, but can be used for infinitely many other types of licks.
Composition wise, 90% of every lead guitar part that I play is improvised... when all else fails and I cannot think of want to do... depending on the key, I will bust into doing triplet notes while I think of what I am going to do next... they sound good when transitioning from a 1/4 note lead to a solo.... tap them, shred them, be a tremolo ***** but they are definitely worth your time to work in.