recently bought one for £50 (from a friend)

I'd like to know what you guys think of it, did i get my moneys worth .etc but

MORE IMPORTANTLY are there any patch websites or does anyone know any good patches for it. I have tried google to no avail.
Hi! I got my gfx3 from my bandmate, the receipt enclosed in his manual says 8000 pesos, around £80 if im not mistaken. It depends on what sound you're gunning for.

Yes, I'm totally happy with it. Although I wish I could eliminate some crackling and noises I get, I cant seem to get rid of using the NR and noisegate.

I can't seem to find a patch website on the internet as well, so I tend to spend lots of time listening to my favorite artists and tweaking my unit to get their sound.. The drive types I use are Clean, BG, Hi-gain, and OD. They sound alright to me :-)