Hey I've been doing alot of research on upgrading to a new amp. I was looking at the THD Bivalve-30 30 Watt Class A Head. Now, I see the Hot Plate / Attenuator switch on the front of the head, what are the difference between the 2? I've never heard of them before. Also, I read it only has 1 channel? Does that mean you can't switch between clean / distortion?
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Its allready got a built-in attentuator.

And yep, that means no quick switching between clean/distortion. The amp itself is mainly great for things like studio work, not live stuff.
You could roll down the volume control to get a cleaner sound out of it (or if you have seperate volume controls just switch pickups). Or you could use an overdrive pedal to go from regular->distorted.
You could try doing a heavy overdrive through the BiValve, and just switch that on and off as if it were a channel switcher.