i have just started bass and he is my main inspiration,what bass does he use,what amp does he use what settings,what pedals(if any) and what bass tequinices does he use
Bass: He's got a signature thing with Yamaha that he uses these days (the Attitude basses, he's got various cool **** installed into them like the blue LED fret markers, the top frets are scallopped)
other than that for the first half of his carreer he used a heavily modified Fender P-Bass that he retired because it was overplayed

Amp: he's got a signature Ampeg preamp

String: Rotosound something or other

Settings: lots of treble

Techniques: he plays fast

Yea Sheehan is awesome. I'm a guitar player but he makes me wanna play bass. His bass is custom made by Yamaha (at least the one he used in his instructional video was). He has two pickups and two outputs on the thing, one for treble and one for bass. Thats how he gets that incredible and full tone. Also the neck is reinforced so he can do neck bends and he has a device to lower the bottom E string to a D in a pinch. His technique is based on the fact that he raised his pickups. Every time he plays a note his fingers hit the same spot on the pickup. Thats how he keeps control at such high speeds. Also does other crazy things like pinch harmonics and tapping. Great influence dude.
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can you buy them yamaha attitude basses on the web ?

I'm not entirely sure but I think they don't make them any more, you're going to have to go used if you really want one
Seljer, they still make 'em. You can buy them online, just search.

But Billy has a sig Bass (production), Amp (Not sure), Strings (Production but not toooo commonly found. Basically lite-gauge in the D & G and a bit heavier for the E to compensate his Bass Xtender.
He occasionally uses some insane tapping. Loads of compression. I know when he adds some distortion into his sound he has one channel of distortion and one channel of clean so he doesn't lose low end. He has a Hipshot D-Tuner, which lowers the E to a D. He has 2 pickups on his Yamaha Attitude so he plugs one into one amp and sets that amp to all low end and has the other plugged into another amp and has that amp's settings for all high end so the 2 mix together and give a full sound with all this articulation to it.
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