anyone seen this thing? its expensive as heck. it has two 12ax7 in it and is supposed to be really sweet, but i herd some sound clips and it didnt seem like anything special. especially for $300
I own the womanizer, which is made by the same company. It is pretty much all I ever use at practice or onstage, it has some of the best distortion tones I have ever heard. In fact, it rivals my 1959SLP 100 Watt Marshall Head.
i have a peavey valveking 112, i play heavier stuff and some light, from like idk AC DC. to like children of bodom to like as i lay dying, and back to mae. lol. P.S. whats the difference between the womanizer and demonizer?
The Womanizer has a nice cleaner Overdrive but can get harder to be a nice harder overdrive but probably not as much as you need. Its nice for like a fender clean tone to a more overdriven fender bluesy tone. The Demonizer is more for metal and its a nice heavy distortion. Im sure they are both very nice. You can use it as a preamp too, I think.
Can you ?? Nice, so the Womanizer is the one to go for Hendrixian tones eh ??
Can the Demonizer do Metallica ?
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!
yes and more the demonizer is the one that would have more grunt while the womanizer takes care of overdrive tones
if i had both my main distortion would be the demonizer and i would use the womanizer for a little grunt for the other stuff
I think the tone in the clips is slightly wierd because it was run directly into whatever they were recording with. Not into an amp first (so you don't get the effect of speakers in the sound)....
Keep in mind you can't make a bad amp good with a distortion pedal, however good that pedal is.
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