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I have been contemplating whether or not to make a name brand look alike guitar or make a custom one, after 2 design drawing i came up with a soloist style body and the body that is attatched below. What would you think of this guitar if it were built?
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you'l never know if itas a waste of time untill you try it, i say you do try
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Looks like swiss cheese.....
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If you like it, then go for it. Just make sure you do your research first, and have the tools and know-how needed to do it beforehand. Personally, i quite like the body, but the headstock is a little too extreme. It'd also be pretty weak near the nuts for the D and B strings
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Personally, I wouldn't cut the chunks out of the head, and just paint them on.
the pictures on here are just a rough idea, not exact, but thanks for the constructive criticism
I personally think it looks terrible.

I think the reason body shapes have stayed roughly the same is because they work, saying that i can see the appeal of a custom body shape.

Good luck
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If you're making a custom guitar for yourself, I don't really see the point in making a copy of another guitar.

If you like your own design, then go for it
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
Personally, i say no, because of that headstock. Looks to me like it would eventually break. Other than that, it wouldn't be too bad, but the fact that there isn't a lot of body by where the pickups would theoretically be, you may not get a very full sound.
thats uber sexy, but maybe move the top cut out towards the end a lil bit more so that its offset with the other.
If I were you I wouldn't cut that chunk of wood out of the headstock, but sand it down so you get a 3D contrast. It'll give you much more stability and still look quite cool. Except for that, I like the design
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thnks for all the help, probably wont be starting this until school gets out, which is around the beginning of June
Dude, WTF?

It looks anorexic. Ew.
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the body is alright. the head will be miles too weak however
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That headstock's gonna snap bro.

For the gutiar I say you make the lower horn a bit bigger, and the little >< part near the neck a bit wider in general.
well the body's alright lookin, and the chunk taken out of the bottom would make for an okay kneerest, but definitely put some more wood on the headstock. if you don't, there's a good chance that whoever strings that thing up is gonna pack in a good concussion and/or an ugly scar.

i say go for it, so long as you can make it safely built (so fix the headstock a bit, mmkay?)
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