anyone know what zacky vengance and synyster gates use? scales chords anything is appreciated
what ever power chord your on start with that note then just do a bunch of chromatic nonsense to go alondg with it
No artists use just certain scales or chords, but different artists do have certain styles. I can tell you a couple things though. They almost always play in Drop D, so if you're practicing the rhythm, practice chords in drop D. Zacky uses alot of "galloping" which can be heard in alot of there songs. Another technique they've been known to use is soloing in a chromatic scale. This means every single note A Bb B C C# D Eb E F F# G G# can be used. They play their chromatic licks fast enought to where its more of an effect than a melody. Beast and the harlot solo is a good example. If you want to practice their "style", become proficient in sweep picking, legatos, 4 notes per string, and galloping rhythm.

thanks man that hellped me alot

i really wanted to base my style aroudn theres and no one explains it better than that lol thanks bro