im thinking of getting a distortion pedal to put on my amp. is this how you set it up:

1. plug 1 end of the cable into your guitar and the other end into the "in" jack in the distortion pedal.

2. plug 1 end of another cable into the "out" jack in the distortion pedal and the other end into the input jack of the amp.

also, if this is the case, then can you only use 1 pedal at a time? thanks a lot.
Yeah, thats what you do. And you can use as many as you want, but it will alter the tone.
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u can hook up the out part of the distortion into the in of any other pedal(you'll need those tiny pedal cables)and so on until you finally put it in the amp

or if your amp has an effets loop you ignore your guitar cable and send and receive through the ports on the back or where ever they may be
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^ yeah, you just need more cables :P plug the output from 1 into the input of the next.
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