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This is my first post here but I've been reading for awhile. I would love to help with deciding what guitar I should get. Some things you probably need to know are.. I played guitar for a while when I was a kid-to about 17, but didn't really try to hard or learn much, so I am basically a noob, and I like to anything from classic rock (sabbath, zep etc.) to grunge, to metal. One of my favorite guitarists is still Slash, lol. I have picked three guitars, and am not sure which to get, and if someone has any other suggestion, I would love to hear it also. I want to spend 3-400 for the guitar.



epiphone goth

Thanks for the help guys, and have a great day.
ESP is a total metal guitar. I recommend it. Plus, i have never even heard of the other ones..so...ya
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hwy, i have a schecter C-1 Elite, idk bout the 006, never played it, but schecter's an awesome brand, and epiphone's not bad, i have a les paul 100, slapped some seymour duncans in it and it sounds really good, so both of those would be good, i honestly don't know about ESP though, never played one
Thanks for the quick help guys, I think I am leaning towards the schecter and the esp at the moment, but I would love to hear other opinions in the 3-400 range also.

Thank you for the help. Are all these guitars able to handle music from blues to grunge, to metal, and will they all last me for awhile, or would I want to upgrade relatively quickly? I was thinking if I play them for awhile, then change the pups to EMG 81/85s they would last awhile, true? I am relatively concerned about the ability for them to stay in tune well. I have (wife's) an Ibanez rg120 that I am playing atm, and it does well, but I would like something just a little better, cause my wife can't have better than me=/ j/k Thanks guys
I say get a ibanez SZ series. They are great and they cheap. Plus its easily modded. But if you want one of those id get the Schecter
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