Hey! I have a question for those who are seriously into tone, I am kinda a tone freak myself and my grandfather is thinking of getting me a professional guitar instead of these hand me downs. I have only been playing for a year but he wants me to have one, I like right now the PRS custom 22 or 24, because it's a lighter weighted guitar than the gibson,it has pickups like the gibson, and its shape is like a fender plus it comes with a whammy bar.But what do you think is a good guitar, if you have suggestions, please share your ideas?
Um, playing a year and a tone phreak... ok...

Well, as a tone phreak you should probably know that your amp is resposnible
for a majority of your tone.

As to a guitar, I know what I'd like, but I couldn't possibly tell what you might like.

I suggest you try in the right forum: Electric Guitar. Most of the tone phreaks
(the majority without a clue) hang out there and I'm sure would be happy to give
you opinions.
I would definitely get a Carvin to my own specifications instead of getting a PRS. You get the radius and fret size (among other things) that is perfect for you, and it's cheaper to boot (unless you come up with something crazy awesome).

To be honest, PRS guitars don't really impress me that much. Their figured maple tops look AMAZING, but the guitars are kind of Ho-Hum other than the looks.

If they suit you perfectly, however, you should definitely get one.
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Three of the four things you mentioned about the PRS have nothing to do with tone.
If you are a tone freak like you say, we won't be able to help you decide over the internet. Go play a bunch of guitars and find out what you like.
PRS makes some quality axes, man
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PRS will do you good (I personally like the Custom 24) but like Ed said, if you're a tone freak... have your gramps get you a pro-quality AMP instead.
Hm. A tone freak after just a year? Whatever.

Anyways, I'm with the Carvin guy. PRS' are decent. They have fat necks. I despise fat necks. They look rather tasty though?that's all they have going for them.

However, you could get a custom Carvin, with the perfect frets, neck radius, headstock, pickups, bridge, number of frets, finish, wood...get the idea? You design just about everything except the shape of the guitar (well ok, you have a fair amount of choices, but you don't get to change how they look...).

Not to mention that they're more affordable.

...meaning your grandfather can get you a quality tube combo as well.

Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?
listen to everyone talking about carvin. carvin guitars ARE FOR PROFESSIONALS. but, like they also said, tone comes from the amp. 90% of it at least. I have played my uncles carvin steve vai legacy amp, and that thing kicks a$$. rips like no other and the cleans are on par with fender
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I have a PRS, and it's very nice.
But a custom Carvin would probably pwn it.

As far as tone, what kind do you like? Different woods have different sounds.
different pickups will change it as well, but most is from the amp.