i'm going to get a few effects pedals for my birthday and i was thinking of just getting some really basic pedals to make my sound overall nicer and my tone more controllable, not any weird far out effects. right now i have a boss super distortion feedbacker and a crybaby bass wah that i hardly ever use and just bought because it was so cheap used. i was thinking of getting an isp decimator and then either an mxr dyna comp or an mxr 10 band EQ. would a compressor improve my sound more or would an eq?
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depends, theyre just different, i find that a compressor does more for clean sounds than dirty so its choice, also for compressors i would suggest the Diamond Compressor, amazing...also a good wah maybe?, an isp decimatory would be good if you dont like noise, i personally do, can do fun tihnhs with hiss....also a good delay pedal would be nice, reverb if your amp doesnt do it
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i already have reverb on my amp, and i think i might get a delay some other time. will an eq help me change my tone alot or just be a fancy tone knob?
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id get a delay and a good overdrive.
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an EQ can be an invaluable tool to set up a perticular tone or to boost freq for solos say. Boss's GE-7 is quite cheap and a lot of people swear by it. you won't go far wrong with it man!