im thinking about getting two preamps but only having one poweramp? that is possible, right? (i'd only be using one at a time, for different sounds) one would be for a crunch sound. and the other for high gain. one of them would have a good clean.

for the crunchish sound, im leaning towards a Lee Jackson Perfect Connection preamp. it has that Marshallish crunch sound with the mids boosted and is fairly cheap.
any ideas for a high gain one with good cleans, or even a preamp that would do all of the sounds? VHT GP-3?

for a poweramp im thinking along the lines of a VHT 2/50/2 or 2/90/2 depending on the price of the preamp(s)

I'd probally run themn through a Mesa/Marshall 4x12 cabinet and some 2x12


BTW. for high gain the sound im going for is insomnium type stuff. ehh.. if you haven't heard them go to Launch.com and watch "The Elder" video though it isn't their best song. and for cleans, A.F.I. type cleans COULD pass. even though they could be more THD style. (warmer, fuller yet dark)
Congrats on going for that personal sound

First, yes that is possible. In fact, I plan to do similar myself (several preamps to one poweramp). But to arrange proper live-use for the various preamps, you may need to consider a switching system (another grand or so out the window lol).

Second, not familiar with the song/band you noted. I'd give a listen, but Yahoo wants me to signup for an account to listen... screw that. So of course, I'm not exactly aware if my recommendations will give you that sound you want.... but all these preamps are fairly versitile.

But anyway .... For some high gain preamp options, I have a few recommendations. Unfortunately, most preamps I am aware of lean toward the expensive side. ,,,,,, I think I've done this like a dozen times now, lol..... but here we go:

Engl E530
Nice simple 1-space preamp. Can get various sounds, though I'm told it's shining point is the higher gain stuff. Know a couple people who have been very happy with one, it give them the sound they were after. This is very much your cheapest option in the area of higher gain. Brand new, you're looking at only about $500 USD.

Engl E580
A sort of "top line" preamp. Is supposed to be able to harness any sound that any Engl amp can make. Amp can store various EQ settings, contains numerous presets, and can be controlled by MIDI. I personally look forward to getting one someday in the future. Unfortunately no real experience with one... but think of any sound from an Engl, and this thing is supposed to be capable of it (nice cleans, nice crunch, nice high gain, etc). And if I'm not mistaken, it's circuitry and what-not is based off the Engl Special Edition. Unfortunately it is priced accordingly for all its features and sounds, it weighs in at a good $2,800 USD.

Mesa TriAxis
Lots of nice tones here. Can help get you a lot of those Mesa tones. Useable cleans, and some nice high gain. Can get you anything from classic rock tones to Mark tones to Recto tones. Very versitile. And of course, it is also MIDI controllable and also stores presets (IE, you can save your EQ settings). Brand new we're talking about $1800 USD. If you go used, you can find one on Ebay for a few hundred to a thousand, depending on the auction.

Mesa Recto Pre
Great preamp if you want the Recto tone.... it's pretty much spot-on, if not better. Of course, it is pretty much mainly just the Recto tone (only a few minor differences, like FAT and BRIT), so if that isn't your primary interest, you probably want to consider something else. But if it's the Recto tone you're after, this is king (note... though it works with other poweramps, you won't get the true tone unless its combined with the Mesa 2:100). Brand new... $1200 USD.

Don't know much abou this... but I've had it recommended to me countless times, and seen it recommend a lot. From what I know, it's fairly versitile, but I'll be honest to say I don't think high gain is it's highest point. Can only be found used, and you can get one for a hundred or so USD.

hmm... well, don't recall any others off the top of my head right now. I'll probably post more later, but I have to get ready for graduation, high school is finally over lol
yeah. lol, i just decided "screw what all the bands sound like, what sounds good to you?" and while i thought i wanted that As I Lay Dying/ KsE type sound. after thinking to myself. i realized that what felt best to me was a crunch (reasoning on the Perfect Connection preamp) but i would still like the thick high gain sound. think Koch Powertone II, but preamp.
thanks. i have the crunch covered with the Lee Jackson. so maybe i coudl use that randall for the clean and high gain. two clean, two high gain. purdy neat.

keep 'em commin.

anyone have experience with that randall?
for the clean id probally go with a 'Clean' and 'Blackface' module.
for high gain. maybe the 'ultra' and 'modern' module. i dont want those to be too nu-metal mush sounding though. i like clarity
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hmm.. maybe a Tech 21 Sansamp PSA1 (.1) for high gain? can it get thick, warm, smooth enough? (insomnium)

im not against SS if it sounds pimp. lol
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Honestly I think any high gain amp can achieve the sound you're after, you'd just have to spend some time on the EQ.

From the Insomnium video, it looks like they use a Marshall head & cab. But I can't really tell which one, and I'm not very familiar with Marshall line.
well im not concerned about what they use. just that sound and thank you for your reply and time.

i get your point though, that a marshall could sound like it.

i think i have my eye on a Koch Powertone II for sale though. so ill see how that turns out in the next week.
Well it isn't exactly a preamp, but it's all good.

What exactly does it sound like (comparable to other amps)? I've never particularly heard one, and I don't recall ever hearing of that brand before.
Quote by CyBerAliEn
Well it isn't exactly a preamp, but it's all good.

What exactly does it sound like (comparable to other amps)? I've never particularly heard one, and I don't recall ever hearing of that brand before.

hah. i know, but i figured i could just run one preamp, and have a head for clean and high gain, i also believe i could use it as a poweramp

Clean - very clear, and similar to a mesa clean but a bit brighter and better imo. has reverb but its not the best (i wouldnt' use it anyway) the clean has tons of headroom too. you'd have to have that thing on 10 before you get the slightest overdrive (slight exageration)

Overdrive - almost like a slightly darker marshall, i wouldn't use this much so it doesn't matter

Lead/Ultra - very thick and clear gain channel. lots of clarity which allows you to hear all the notes, but not to the point of sounding cheesy. i'd compare it to VHT UL tightness i guess. very versitale.