ok yeah so this is another song i wrote give me honest feedback on it

-How could you-
-ever be so cruel to sum1 that you said you loved ?
-I trusted you-
-Put all my faith in you-
- But you tore out my heart and walked on it-

-Now I see that there?s a better life for me-
- I?m content to live alone-
-If it means not going through all the things u put me through-
-For that id walk this world alone-

-you said you?d always love-
-you said wed never part-
- but the first time I left ur side u broke my heart-
-I thought I loved u-
-but not with all u put me through-
-now id rather see you feel all pain I felt from you

-how could I have ever said I loved u-
after all u did
you said you?d always love me
but you kept ur feelings hid

this is
the last song I write
with you in my heart
good bye bad memories
fare well to my broken heart
if yer in an emo group it'd be ok, but i can't stand emo..... i also like a song thats not entirely to the point, it doesn't need to be an enigma but it seems like your beating the listener to death with this 1 idea over and over...... check out 'scars on my heart' by element 80, they lyrics at least, its the same general principal but not quite as blunt...... compare and contrast the ideas in the words to see what i mean.
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