What effect is used during the solo for Little Sister by QOTSA, I love that sound.
i think its just overdrive and he uses a slide, but yeah i really like the tone too
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he doesn't use a slide, watch the music video, he stomps on some pedal than plays it.
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I think he puts the bass way up and the mid and low down low. Its OD I know for sure.

bass and low are the same thing idiot

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well a music video is a music video for one
and id imagine he steps on an OD pedal and uses a slide
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bass and low are the same thing idiot

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I ment the high my bad.
It sounds like some kind of Octave pedal to me.
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I'm watching the "over the hills and through the woods" CD/DVD (great concert btw) and he doesn't use a slide at all, infact none of the guitarists are using a slide. And it didn't seem like he stomped on anything during the solo, so I'm assuming its just distortion. But I could be wrong.

EDIT: I'll take another look....

I just watched it again, before he starts the solo he does have his foot near or on a pedal. I slowed it down (thanks to power dvd) but I still couldn't tell if he stomped on a pedal. Because of the crappy way it was filmed (on purpose I would assume, but still great dvd) its so hard to tell if he used a pedal... but yeah it does sound like he's using an octave pedal. BTW I love power dvd you can slow it down and still hear the music without it cutting out half the time, and sounding like crap. Great when your trying to learn solos.
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