hey guys i just put up a new rock song named "Sometimes (Where to go from here)"....i've had this one in my head a while but i just recently put it together, and i had to go through about 4 trials to get the mix right, so please what y'all think about the mix....also i think the lyrics are one of the best parts of the song, just because i know we can all relate, so thoughts on them would be greatly appreciated as well! oh, and tell me what y'all think about the little bass solo too

thanks again, give me a good crit and ill crit you back!

"Sometimes (where to go from here)"
Awesome job, man. You've got a great voice (envious!) and the music is all very tight. The drumming lacks some punch, but that's not too big of a problem. I'd suggest turning up the volume of the guitar, but that's just a personal preference. The solo is AWESOME Sounds very good and fits the song perfectly. Nice job man.

Crit for crit?
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the backriff dies out too quickly... the intro is one bar too long before the other guitar comes it... the vocals should be lower so you need to project your voice more... meaning turn the input down.

just some technical issues thats all otherwise its great.

are you sure it goes on too long, i think it's all synched out to 4 measures of lead, 4 measures rythm + lead....hmm...and what do you mean about the vocals, like i should turn them down but sing louder?

thanks for comments!
Good song here. Vocals are pretty good and so are the lyrics. Drumming seems a little quiet in some areas. Liked the chorus

Oh and hey great solo.

I don't know what he above means about an intro bar being too long. It isn't but sometimes it's a good songwriting technique to add in an extra or subtract a bar/bars to create tension and stuff.

Crit back?
^hey yea man thanks im gettin lots of comments on the drums and truth be told im not much of a drummer and the mics i use to record them arent too great...but i've been toying around trying to get the best sound out of them that i can
sounds great man! I won't crit what I don't understand so pass this on to your drummer! Tell him to stop using Solar cymbals, they're quite literally the crapiest cymbals money can buy, I took a sledgehammer to mine! Tell him to hit the snare louder! I can't hear it. Song mixes well though, GJ.
^haha i am my drummer....yea im pretty cheap when it comes to cymbals, they arent too great i agree....but i switched snares recently that might help...thanks for the tips!