Alright. I put a dimarzio tone zone in the bridge of my ibanez RG270 and its producing a lot of hum. The hum is just as loud as that of the single coil pickup. I thought I followed the directions perfectly but did i wire it wrong or something? As the directions said, I wired the black and white wires to where the old white wire was, soldered the green and bare wires to the ground and attached the red wire to where the old red wire was. Thanks for the Help
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Is the hum coming from the pickup, or the wiring of the guitar? Test it in a room without any fluorescent lights or CRT screens. Plug it into your amp, and turn it up till you start getting some loud hum on the pickup you are testing. Ground the wiring by touching the strings or the bridge (this really depends on your guitar). If the noise gets a lot quiter, then it's the wiring of your guitar. If it doesn't change much, then either your guitar isn't grounded onto the strings (unlikely) or it is the pickup itself.