For the longest time, I've always used all four fingers when fretting anywhere on the fretboard, all the way up to the top. For example, I would play frets 12, 14, and 15 using my forefinger, ring finger, and pinky. But I see a lot of famous guitarists opting to use only the first three fingers, so that 12, 14, and 15 would be played with forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger. The use their pinky only for intervals beyond four frets, or when they play low on the fretboard. Should I opt for this approach? Should I recondition myself to play primarily with three fingers?
I don't think you should change, a lot of guitarist try to train themselves to use their pinkys.
No, use all four fingers. however in the case of 12,14,15 you might want to use your first three if you had to play 17 with you pinky.
I wish I would of learned to play with my pinky more, its such a bitch to try to start using it.
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I have trouble playing with my pinky on the low strings. For example if I try to play something like this my pinky seems too short and then my other fingers curl up and don't fret properly.

4 fingers for sure.
It may be easier but wait untill you'll be going 25% faster than all your other guitarist companions.
I prefer to use 4 but if i'm doing a lot of hammering on and off it's a lot easier to do it quickly with 3. Same goes for bending strings.
Just depends what your playing what fingers would be used. Something like

11 12 15 i would use the first second and pinky.

Wide stretches call for the pinky, most guitarists. Rock ones anyway stay in pentatonic boxes and would only tend to use three fingers and alot of bends.

If you have the skill why try to loose it lol. If it works for you it really doesnt matter what anyone else does, hell if you could play well with your feet, why the hell not
Bit of confusion here..if a riff or a lead is playable with 3 fingers then cool, but for any stretching use the pinkie..

Heres a good excercise

------------------------------------ 5-7-6-8---------------------8-6-7-5--------------------------------------
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Even though people already convinced you.. Still...


Use your pinky as much as you can whenever you can. It's NOT just for
stretches. A well-trained pinky CAN work as well as any other finger.


Well, it's impossible to play some things without it. Plus, if you use your pinky
in places that make sense to use it (as opposed to swapping in your ring finger),
your ring finger will be free to play other stuff.
I use all of them, but if it's something like, say only the 15th, 14th, and 12th fret, then I'd probably use only 3 unless it was part of a scale where I'd run out of fingers otherwise.
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i only use three fingers when im higher up on the neck
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i only use three fingers when im higher up on the neck

My pinky's pretty well-developed, but i find it too cramped to use it higher up on the neck. GNR's Sweet Child of Mine's intro riff, for example. I can't play it with a pinky, I have to use only three fingers.
yeah, I get really cramped and my agility between 3rd and 4th finger becomes suck
I'm not racist.

I hate everyone the same.

why not use all the available resources you have. pinky is a great way to transition from one chord to the next with out weird breaks in flow. i use all the time. play an a chord on the 2nd fret then slide into a bared b chord. use the last three fingers and you never have to lift your hand off the board. my idea is that if i can siplify it as much as possible with out sacrificing the song then thats is good. just my thoughts.