I have a piece of $#!T ESP LTD M-50 and have been thinking about upgrading it with the whole shabang...floyd rose, emgs, new tuners, custom paint job etc...and was wondering if i could fill in the neck bolt holes on the neck and body with some wood filler or something then glue on the neck and taper it down to make it a bolt on? Any suggestions...think it could be done? If so could i just use a common wood filler to fill in the holes? Lemme know...
Asked millions of times.

No. Won't work, you need a longer neck tenon, and a decent bolt on neck is just as good as a set neck.
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To the best of my knowledge, it's the area of the neck that is touching the body. The part that fits in the heel. I remember someone saying if it was a perfect (And I mean PERFECT) Bolt on with nothing in between the neck and body, then it could work. It won't work on a beginner guitar. Also, let me be the first to say upgrading a guitar with bad body wood (Agathis) isn't worth it.
Teh neck tenon is hte pocket that links the neck to the body. Anyways, unless your game for a serious mod, I woudln't bother, it'd involve rupping out the center piece of your guitar, and basically remaking the pocket, as well as makeing the neck heel longer and jazz.