Their playing their final show tonight,
They had a great run.


Here's the blog they posted about it
Hello everyone, this is Robb checking in one last time. Yes its true, Invocation of Nehek has decided to split up. This wasnt easy for us to come to, and we dont feel the need to bitch about all the things that compounded and ultimately led to this decision. To sum it up, this band started as just a something fun to do on the weekends and over the last 5 years that fun dwindled. With anything you do in life you have to have fun, and as much as this band was our baby, and everything we loved, it was becoming less and less fun. We felt it was time to walk away from it now before it turned into a cluster****. With that, this band has exceeded all of our expectations, we managed to put out a record, see the country, and make some amazing friends from all over the place.

We want everyone to know that we all are still great friends and still consider each other as brothers. This wasnt an easy choice to make, and were sorry if anyone is disappointed over this.

But now that the explanation is out of the way, we would like to take this time to thank some people.

First and foremost, ALL members of this band, past and present, Tim, Tom, Rob, and Duff, with out them there would be no ION, Primarily the ones wed really like to thank the most is Tom OHare, and Rob Carpenter. They were 2 very big reasons half of you even like us, and wed like to thank them for their time in the band, their impact was huge. Evan, Eliot and Lou, we love you guys, and you guys came in and gave it 300% and tried your damndest to make **** happen. Thank you.

Rev Aaron from Returntothepit.com, this guy really gave us props well before anyone else, and continued to follow and support ION from the very beginning, he even came to Skips basement show to take pictures, that was our very first show.

Next is a fellow by the name of Steve Joh, with out this guy we would have never put out a record. He discovered us, and made a lot of things happen for ION, he still continues to be a great friend of mine, and the advice and help he gave us was some of the most valuable help we have ever gotten. Thank you man!

Ken Susi for seeing something in us, despite this guys insanely busy schedule hed always call me back and take the time to discuss recording **** with me, stand up dude!

All the bands we have come to consider friends and family, Through the Eyes of the Dead, Porphyria, My Bitter End, Job for A Cowboy, The Auburn System, Winds of Plague, The Funeral Pyre, For the Fallen Dreams, See You Next Tuesday, Dr Hourai, ATFS and Friends, Moria, Year of Desolation, Life in Pictures, The Hostage Heart, On Paths Of Torment, and any band we forgot, When making these lists you always run the risk of forgetting someone, and if we did were sorry.

Wed like to say thank you to the ALBANY/GLENS FALLS NY scene. Dead serious over the last 4 years or so, that area has become our home away from home, we love all the kids up there, you guys are the best!

And on a personal note I would like to thank my partner in crime Steve. Steve and I have been in this band from the very very beginning, and it has been such an awesome time playing with him, hes my best friend, and playing along side him has really pushed me personally to be a better player. I can not thank him enough for going through all this with me, if he wasnt there the good times over the last 5 years would have never happened, and I couldnt have asked for a better person to do all this with.

Last but certainly not least, All of our supporters and fans, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! You have made this experience 4000% worth it. Be it playing for 10 kids at the Phix in Arizona, or playing to a full house at the showcase in Corona Cali, everyone on of you has made this worth while, and we feel blessed to have you supporting us, and we hope you all continue to enjoy the music we put out in the past and the new material we will be posting soon as a bit of a parting gift to you all.

So that is pretty much everything, Im sure I could go on for hours about all the little things, but all those things are for us to remember and hold in our hearts.

We will be playing a last show JUNE 10th at The Sons of Italy in Torrington CT. The show details will be in the show listing on our myspace. But we have a special thing going on for this show, We will be having both OLD and NEW line ups of ION playing at this show, Tom and Rob agreed to come back for this last show, so youll get the rare opportunity to see a ION in all of its forms. Surly not to be missed.

Well thats all we can say about this. It has been an amazing 5 years that have changed our lives forever. Be sure to keep you eyes peeled for future projects, cuz rest assure you ****ers havent seen the last of any of us.


<3s and 8===Ds
I have cancer, fight me.
who are they playing their last show with and i thought that they were already broken up
How can I keep Stability
On such shaky ground?
Prayers that a smile will flag me down.
Last show is with Necrosis, Wrench In The Works, Porphyria, Shroud or Turin and one band they haven't announced yet.

I think they previously announced their break-up, but this is their final show (June 1oth)
I have cancer, fight me.