im still new to scales and modes..and also to guitars...^_^
but ive memorized all the 5 basic scales shapes and some modes..
but i dont know how to apply them in soloing.. >_<
i just liked scales thats why i memorized them..to train my fingers..
but i want to learn their true purpose..
can anyone explain how they are really used?? thx..

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You can use scales to improvise over chords, as long as you know what key the progression is.

I.e: if a song is being played in G, you could improvise over the top of it (just playing around using the notes of the scale, and hammer-ons/pulloffs) with a G minor pentantonic or G major scale (or any other scale :S).
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^What he said. When you know your scales, it makes you a much better musician. When you start to get a little deeper, learn the modes of each scale too. Ex: Dorian, Locrian, Lydian...the list goes on.
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