alright here are my tastes.... i like to play a lot of rock like zeppelin, chili peppers, gnr, acdc and such. and i also like to play a little metal like metallica. im curious to what i should buy.

i've been told so much about mesa boogies and to buy a dual rec, but i havent got a chance to play around with it. so im curious if a duel rec can produce mainly rock sounds like the bands i listed.

secondly, alot of the bands i like have marshalls, but these marshalls i've noticed are the old style and i wouldnt be able to get one. I would rather have some warrenty on them in case they something happens. i dont know if any of the newer marshalls can produce tones like chili peppers or gnr.

overall what type of head should i get, something newer from marshall or something newer from mesa boogie? and please give some reasons.

also i think i'll be spending around $1500 canadian. is it worth it to spend the extra money to buy brand new to get a warrenty.. or will the money saved outweigh the risk or something happenin?

i could really use some input on this and i'd appreciate some honest replies.

You should be able to get a dual rec or maybe a JCM2000 from Marshall. Both should be fine for you, but the dual rec is going to have more gain to it.
get a marshall dsl 401. and an overdrive.
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get a tube powered marshall and you will get the tone of those bands you like.
A DSL would be good. A mesa might not have the classic marshall sound you want for zeppelin and AC/DC, and the marshall clean for RHCP will obviously be easier to get out of the marshall. The mesa is just too modern sounding for most of the bands you mentioned.
you can still get new re-issue Marshalls if you're worried about a warranty. Like said, any of the all tube Marshalls should get you pretty close to what you're after. If I were going Mesa, I would probably go for the Mark IV instead of the Rectifier, for the stuff you listed anyway. Personaly, I would go used for amps, but I also can do a lot of repairs myself, so a warranty might be nice if you're not familiar with amps innerds. With tube amps, the tubes are what take a lot of the beating, a good OT should last many years if it wasn't consistently abused or connected wrong. Filter caps have a lifespan of approx 15-20 years, so unless it's very old, you probably don't need to worry about them. With any used amp, you're going to want to take it to a tech for a good once over though.
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amp clips
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JCM800 head and cab would be PERFECT
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bc rich and a mg30 should give you a nice funk sound
thanks for the input guys.

looks like marshall seems to be the side i should be lookin more into.

i at first was going to look more into them but a buddy of mine has a single rectifier and keeps tellin me to get a mesa and that marshalls are no good anymore.

also, with the marshall... would i have to CRANK them just to get some good sound out of them? i want to be able to play a lower volumes to save my ear drums and not have to be told to keep it down when i practice.

i could use more suggestions on which specific amp. and if anyone has some sound clips of these amps, i would appreciate it.

thanks again.
i dont know what that is in USD equivilant.
But ya, JCM 800 all the way. And for the metallica just grab an overdrive like a tubescreamer or something similar to boost it.
If you get the head, and then dont have much cash left, go with either an Avatar or a Behringer cab (the one with jensens in it). Both are pretty decent for the price.
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