Im looking for a guitar with a "reliable" Floyd Rose for under $200. Rondo music (the agile place) has a guitar for $129 and it SAYS a liscensed Floyd Rose but I dont know about it.
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Licensed aren't the nice ones. You want to look for one that says Original Floyd Rose. There are others called Edge Pros also. I'm not sure which of those are the nice ones though.
Plain and simple, your not going to find one, maybe up to $500.
^Not true. The Edge Pro is a Licenced Floyd Rose. My Schaller Floyd Rose is Licenced, yet it's just as good as any OFR, and cheaper too.

You could get the Agile, and put an OFR in it if you wanted to. That'll be cheaper than getting a guitar that had an OFR stock.

Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?
It's simply crazy to think u can get a guitar with a good floyd under 200$, save money man, you can only get the floyd for that price lollll
yeah dude. mine was 500 dollars used but i was pissed oned day and banged it on the floor with the whammy bar on. it stayed in tune and everything but like chips flew off the guitar from the solid part lol. never do it again!
Any good floyd I've seen as been around 200 just for the Whammy. I beleive you need to save up to around 500 bucks and then look for used guitars.
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Good licenced are Kahler LFR, Schaller LFR, Edge Pro, Lo-Pro Edge, Edge and the ZR. You'd probably need to save more than $200 to get urself a good one. Or look at 2nd hand Ibanez, RG570 or just get the new S470.
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If you cant spend $500 (for a used guitar, far as I know youre looking at $750 for a good trem new guitar)) look for used Peavey Nitros on ebay, they used to use Schallers which are on par with a FLoyd, Peavey with the Kahler Spyder trems are ok just bulkier than a OFR, they are pretty massive with good blocks and knife edges. Or just buy the Agile Ive never had a LFR that when properly set up wouldnt hold tune, its the sound quality and feel that arent on par with an OFR.
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The neck is just a bit thicker than a Wizard but closer string space like a strat, my hand wrapped around it a bit easier than the wider wizard. Plus its one of the last affordable guitars made in USA.


The Kahler Spyder is better than the 2700
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