I have an epiphone special sg with 2 humbuckers on it. The adjustable pole pieces are all set to

- - - - - -, and they give off only a clean tone. I was wondering if there was any way I could adjust them to give off a more distorted sound.
To create balance among the pickup. If you raise the poles on the bass strings (EAD) then you'll get more bass response. The same for the treble strings (GBE).
Well, I guess if you raise the whole pups closer to the strings it'll give it a more harsh sound which will help a bit.
The way a pickup works, is that you have magnets in the pickups *magnetizing* the strings. That's why you need steel/nickel strings. Now, as long as the strings are within the magnetic field, they'll be magnetized and able to induce a current in the pickup coils when picked. The closer you have the magnets to the strings, the stronger the magnetic field will be, and therefore you'll have better response (in layman's terms, I guess you can say it'll sound a little louder).

Changing the screws to be closer to the strings might help you get a more distorted sound, since you'll have a louder signal going into your amp. But they're not there to get a distorted signal, they're there to fine tune and balance the sound of your guitar.

(Adjusting the humbucker's height should actually make it louder than just adjusting the pole pieces.)

BTW, all guitars will have both clean and dirty capabilities. It depends heavily on the amp and the settings you're using for the sound.
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