hey check out this solo i just made up. so if it sounds ****y tell me or if u like it tell me also. some parts i was just trying to play real fast and some parts i get stuck on. so tell me the overall sound. click on the link www.myspace.com/neverblinkyoureyes , and it will take u to my page, from there click my videos(right under my picutre) and watch the one called "my little guitar solo" its 2 mins long i think. so yeah tell me what you think. thanks
I'm pretty sure you've posted this before.......

as for the solo, didnt really like it. Doesnt really impress with the technical ability, nor with any sense of melody.

Not saying that I can shred any better though...
yeah i post this a lot. u know gotta promote myself some how. get different oppions and such