I have no clue if there are any Coup fans on here (they're a political alternative hip-hop duo), but if there are, what are your feelings on the new CD Pick a Bigger Weapon? I think it has a few great songs, but I was pretty disappointed.
I've heard some of their older stuff, nothing from the new album though. From what I hear it's not too great, and they toned down their political message a little .
I heard one of their (his?) songs a while ago, and I didn't like it at all, but I should listen more before I pass a final judgement.
I remember them from a long time ago. I really like their message. It is refreshing to see anti capitalist rapper while the rest brag about their whips, grills and bling. Pretty original alternative to the "pop" hip hop world if you ask me.
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I heard about them, and I was pretty keen on the idea of them (ANTICAPITALIST RAP!) then I checked out their song 5 Million ways to kill a CEO. The beat was alright, but I expected something gritty. However the vocals of the two MC's were too monotonous, but i guess I oughtta try em out properly sometime.
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